Ancelotti: Benzema is Better than Morata to Play with Cristiano Ronaldo

Ancelotti: Benzema is Better than Morata to Play with Cristiano Ronaldo


Carlo Ancelotti spoke with the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera and the Italian coach analyzed the season with Bayern Munich and the final of the Champions League between Real Madrid and Juventus. He’s worked in both clubs, so he knows very well both teams, but he doesn’t have any favourite to win the title.

Regarding this final of the Champions League at Cardiff, Ancelotti doesn’t say who is the favourite: “I’ll watch it with a great interest, I sympathize with the teams who play best. Buffon is special for me. Real Madrid is not only Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s Ramos, Modric, Marcelo, Benzema and many more”.

Apart from these players, Real Madrid have a great coach, who was Ancelotti’s assistant in his first year: “Zidane hasn’t surprised me at all. He’s intelligent and knows a lot about football”.

The Italian coach doesn’t forget the quarter-finals against Real Madrid and he spoke again about Viktor Kassai, the referee of the game: “It was unfair. In the history it will remain that Real Madrid beat Bayern. And that’s it. But everybody saw what happened at Madrid. It wasn’t normal. VAR have to be installed because it’s necessary”: In this line, he spoke also about the referees: “There are good referees and others less good. Everybody makes mistakes, but not like that, not at these levels”, Ancelotti continued.

He was also asked about Álvaro Morata and the few opportunities he’s having with Zidane: “Morata plays so little with Zidane because Benzema is better striker to play with Cristiano Ronaldo”.

Finally, Ancelotti highlights Mbappé and Dybala as the best youngsters in Europe and he announces that he’s not thinking in retirement: “Ferguson stayed on the bench in 2.000 games”. Finally, he said that the minimum goal for Bayern Munich was to win the Bundesliga title. Mission accomplished.


  1. In as much benzema is great playing along with ronaldo he’s also preventing ronaldo from being ronaldo, he has people working for him spiritually to overcome ronaldo and preventing him from being himself, and evidence has been overwhelmingly visible for the past few years and has gotten worse this year, whenever benzema opens the scoring for Madrid ronaldo is banished in that game and he’s never himself, and that’s the problem, it is not a coincidence and it is not natural. Madrid needs a new striker with opened to play with ronaldo without any rivalry.

  2. This man I dnt really kno wat he wanz frm Madrid.
    Ur tym is over en u must respect de man in charge now.
    No coach speaks abt his bayern Munich team…cast out of telling him which players are supposed to play together.
    Pls Mr. Ancilotti tnx fr ur good job at Madrid but fr now try to concentrate much more on how u can play muller n de rest together. Hala hala hala…madriiiiiiiid ????*y3n ko nkoaaa✌☝