Angel di Maria’s daughter, a true-born fighter

Angel di Maria’s daughter, a true-born fighter

Angel di Maria's daughter

Angel di Maria cried when Real Madrid won the Champions League in Lisbon. He had fought very hard to achieve that dream, and he had finally reached it, being named as the best player of the match.

Di Maria is a true-born fighter, and his one-year-old daughter is just like him. Mia di Maria has overcome many difficulties through her short life, and she has become a strong and healthy girl, despite doctors said she wouldn’t live when she was born a premature baby.

Mia came to this world on April 22nd 2013. As a premature baby with many health problems, she had to spend two months in the intensive care unit, with very few chances to survive. Yet she responded well to doctors’ care and ended up going home with her parents, where she has kept on getting better.

One year after those weeks of suffering, Di Maria’s wife Jorgelina Cardoso has posted a picture of her daughter on Instagram together with the following message celebrating her daughter’s good health:

April 22nd 2013, Caesarean scheduled for 19.00. Nerves, anguish, fear,… A high percentage of not coming into this world alive or having important consequences. What will be of your life my little big Mia? How many tears! You came to this world… But now the worst; two months in the Intensive Care Unit.

Nobody but dad and I know the pain that caused to see your beautiful face draped in wires and equipment. There was nothing sadder than going back home with the arms empty and the breasts in pain. Infections, transfusions,… What will be of you my love? Tears would wet our pillow every night, a constant lump in the throat, eager to go pick you up and not letting you go ever again. I was certain your grandfather German, my beloved father, was taking care of you 24 hours a day at the hospital.

June 13th 2013, dammed 13th that took my father, blessed 13th that I will no longer hate, because they finally send you home, princess of my dreams.

We brought you home, simply happy. One year later we can say you’re a healthy, strong, fun and fighting girl. You came to this world to teach us that we should never give up and to show us that if one wants, this world can be of a beautiful roses colour. We love you to infinite and beyond. Dad and mum.

Angel di Maria's daughter

This is the picture that the couple published.


  1. May your beautiful daughter Mia be blessed with a long happy and healthy life.. god bless your family. Say strong and united as a family happy and live in the happiness that your little bundle of joy spreads in your lives.. may god bless u all…best wishes ..stay blessed

  2. Mia, a true born champion like her father,we madrid fan in NIGERIA love u so much.enjoy beautiful life wit urfamily.HALA Mia. Di-ma pls stay 4another 10seasons with us.