Arsene Wenger: Real Madrid will be able to buy

Arsene Wenger: Real Madrid will be able to buy


Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger believes Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid will successfully overturn their transfer bans and go on a spending spree as usual in the summer.

Both clubs were banned from registering players for the next two transfer windows. While they are technically allowed to sign player still, they would no be able to represent the club until the end of the 2016-17 season.

The bans were handed out by FIFA after it was found that the two La Liga giants had breached rules over the signing of youth players from overseas. It is a similar punishment to the one given to Barcelona two years ago for the same offence. The Catalan outfit was able to delay the appeal until they had secured the signing of Luis Suarez.

Speaking to reporters at his press conference on Friday, Wenger was asked what he thought of the latest scandal to hit football. And he responded by saying he thinks the bans will be overturned.

“No, I thought a bit like that when I heard the news, but straight away they will appeal, the appeal will cancel the ban and they will be allowed to buy in the next two transfer windows like they did before. That’s what will happen,” he commented.