Arsene Wenger: Thierry Henry comments not correct

Arsene Wenger: Thierry Henry comments not correct


Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has said club legend Thierry Henry is not quite correct in his claim signing Karim Benzema from Real Madrid would make the Gunners Premier League champions.

Benzema has been linked with the north London side, who hold the FA Cup and Community Shield, all summer long. But despite reports the club will bid 50 million euros for the striker, Wenger has so far denied any interest.

The French boss, about to embark on his 20th campaign with the Gunners, admits the team needs to score more goals if they are to win the league. But he told reporters the answer isn’t always to sign another player – in this case Benzema – but look for internal solutions.

“I respect Thierry Henry a lot for his football knowledge but it is not as mathematical as that. We have to develop our collective game and depend less on one guy who comes in and scores all the goals,” he stated.

He continued: “It is important but maybe we can share that. I think Olivier Giroud would not have been far from 20 if he played the whole of last season and Theo Walcott as well. I don’t see why a guy like Chamberlain should not have an ambition to score 10 goals, Sanchez can score goals too.

“Ozil has to fix himself a target of at least 10. For a guy who plays behind the striker you want more from him on the goalscoring so we can a little bit share that.”