Aubameyang Desires to Dress in White

Aubameyang Desires to Dress in White


Real Madrid supporters kept a close eye to some Borussia Dortmund players. Julian Weigl and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang are in Los Blancos agenda for the next season and both did a great game at Bernabéu Stadium. Especially, the Gabonese striker left a great feeling to the supporters and who knows if he could come back dressed in white very soon.

Aubameyang was a constant threat to Keylor Navas’ goal. The African striker could find the net in the second half and he was always a headache to Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane. Real Madrid supporters could see in live his speed and also Florentino Pérez, who received messages to sign the striker.

Actually, the first message came from the actual footballer. In an interview after the game with BeinSports, the journalist joked about telling Florentino Pérez to sign him and the striker said laughing “OK”. He showed also his language skills speaking a great Spanish because part of his family come from the country.

He was also asked about the possibility of signing for Real Madrid and his dream of playing at Bernabéu: “Yes, it’s a promise I made to my grandfather, but right now I feel really well at Dortmund. In the future we’ll see”, Aubameyang said.

He did an assist to Marco Reus in the second goal and also scored another one, so he was one of the best players of the game. Aubameyang was very happy with the performance: “We tried until the end. We did our game and, finally, the point is fine”, the African player said. Although they can face big teams, the striker is not afraid of the draw: “We don’t care about the rival”.

In the first half, Aubameyang and Borussia Dortmund had less chances but the team improved in the second half: “In the half time we spoke. We all knew we could do something. We did great in the second half”, Aubameyang finished.