Can Cristiano Ronaldo sign for a MLS soccer team?

Can Cristiano Ronaldo sign for a MLS soccer team?


Cristiano Ronaldo current contract ends on the 30th of June 2018. However, the club is already working for an extension of his contract until 2020 or 2021 with some clauses with automatic renovation built in for certain objectives.

The Portuguese star is now 31 years old so when his current contract finishes he will turn 33. If Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid finally agree on a new contract, the striker will play for Real Madrid until he turns 35 or 36.

He arrived to Real Madrid on the summer of 2009. Florentino Pérez prepared a big show in Santiago Bernabéu stadium for the Portuguese star. He has not disappointed the president, winning two Champions League trophies, one Liga and two Copa del Rey trophies. Only in La Liga last year, Ronaldo scored 35 goals, helping the team to fight against Barcelona until the last game.

Although Cristiano Ronaldo said several times he wanted to retire from football at Real Madrid, some other clubs are interested in signing the Madeira striker. Some rumours said that Cristiano Ronaldo was set to a return to Old Trafford, where he received all the love from the supporters every time he played in Manchester.

Other options could be the Major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States. Cristiano Ronaldo usually spends his holidays in the States and we’ve seen big players in the League in recent years. Raúl, David Villa, Thierry Henry or Andrea Pirlo are some examples.

For instance, the bookmakers also opened a market for Cristiano Ronaldo and in which team he will be playing next year. You can bet on Cristiano Ronaldo playing in the MLS for 14/1 odds. You can use the leading sportsbook for US players to place your bet.

At the moment, Cristiano Ronaldo is focused on the Euro and the possibility of ending the season with another European trophy, but will he stay in Real Madrid forever?