Can Özil and Di María come back to Real Madrid?

Can Özil and Di María come back to Real Madrid?


Real Madrid have now a great squad and even the players with less opportunities are showing that they deserve more minutes. However, Los Blancos are looking for the best footballers in the world and there are two former madridistas that might want to return to the Spanish capital. Özil and Di María left Real Madrid some years ago expecting to improve in their careers but their higher point in their life was at Real Madrid.

Mesut Özil is currently negotiating a new contract with Arsenal. The German newspaper Bild published some weeks ago that the playmaker would dream to go back to Madrid. Now, Mesut Özil has spoken with Diario MARCA and he doesn’t close the door: “Come back to Real Madrid? You never know”, said the German international. “I’m very happy playing in London, but in football you never know… We’ll see what happen in the future”.

In the interview, Özil said that he maintain a great relationship with Sergio Ramos -they speak in English- and he has good words for Real Madrid supporters: “Real Madrid fans are very nice with me. They’ve supported me from the first day until today. Now I play in another team and they keep supporting me and wishing me luck. I want to thank them for this”.

The German midfielder said that leaving Real Madrid was not a mistake and he has grown up as a player a lot in London. However, he misses the sun and the good moments he spent with Los Blancos. Besides, he has a great feeling for Zizou: “Zidane was my idol […]. The first time I met him in Madrid I was very nervous”.

Di María’s situation is different. He arrived only two years ago to PSG but he’s still to find his position in the pitch. He had to leave Manchester United only one year after the Red Devils paid €75M for Real Madrid. Now, with the French champions, the Argentinian doesn’t look very happy. His best moments arrived at Real Madrid, when he helped the team to win the 10th Champions League against Atlético de Madrid. With Carlo Ancelotti, Di María was one of the best players of the team.