Carlo Ancelotti: No desire to return to Italy

Carlo Ancelotti: No desire to return to Italy


Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti has revealed he has no desire to return to Italy to manage in his homeland.

The 55-year-old left Seria A in 2009 after a successful eight-year spell with AC Milan in which he won the Champions League twice and the title. Since then, he has lifted trophies while manager of Chelsea, PSG and Real Madrid.

And he says it’s a combination of enjoying the adventure of living and working abroad, along with the increasing violence in the stands in Italian football stadiums that mean he’s in no hurry to return.

Speaking to Radio Rai, the manager said: “Before I left Italy I thought about things, it was not easy, but I’ve felt comfortable abroad. I would not return. Italian football is still very competitive. The difference is the environment.

“The stadiums are empty compared to other countries and the violence is more common in Italy than other places.What happened in Cagliari, Roma and Varese is very sad. It can no longer be that the players are hostages to brainless fans.”

He added: “Here in Spain, the demonstrations are limited only to the whistles in the stadium. The ultras and the banners no longer exist.  But it’s not this that keeps me away, so much as the pleasure that comes from living a foreign adventure and getting to know other sporting cultures.”