Carlo Ancelotti: We’ve worked hard this season to achieve this

Carlo Ancelotti: We’ve worked hard this season to achieve this


Carlo Ancelotti was radiant after winning the Champions League in his first year as Real Madrid manager. “It has been a very good season,” he claimed.

“I have had a fantastic group of players who have always been professional and they showed that in this match too. Not only those who were delighted to be playing, but also those who were not playing. We’ve worked hard this season to achieve this,” Ancelotti stated.

Of course, the Italian admitted Sergio Ramos goal was crucial: “The most difficult thing was equalising because we really had to dig deep to do that. We didn’t have any space and Atl├ętico defended very well. We gave our all and in the end we managed to equalise. Then the match changed because of our desire. The goal gave us strength.”

When asked about the controversy on the added time at the end of the game, Ancelotti explained he doesn’t think five minutes was too much. “There were a lot of stoppages in the second half. In the end you could say I was a lucky man, but the truth is that we gave our all until the last second of the match,” he confessed.

“From the first day when I saw the trophy room in the Bernabeu I said there was one missing and that we would try and get it this year. Now we’ve done it. I have felt the confidence of the whole club by my side and I think that is why we had the peace of mind that we needed to win the matches,” Ancelotti concluded.