Casemiro: I Was Ashamed to Speak with Zidane

Casemiro: I Was Ashamed to Speak with Zidane

Casemiro Real Madrid

Carlos Henrique Casemiro is one of the most important players in the squad. After his year at Porto, the Brazilian midfielder improved a lot, so he could earn a spot in the line-up. Zidane didn’t trust him at the beginning, because he didn’t want to play with a stopper, but now he’s a key footballer in the squad and ready to face all the challenges in this new season.

Casemiro spoke in an interview with ESPN and he explained the big impression Zinedine Zidane had on him: “I was ashamed to speak with him. Today it’s more natural. Sometimes, when we miss one player in one match, he plays and ends up being the best one in the training session”.

The midfielder spoke about his friend Marcelo and the special relationship they have: “I always say that the player who surprises me the most every day is Marcelo. What he does with the ball is crazy. It’s unfair just keeping one, but I have a special affection for this guy”, Casemiro said about his colleague in the Brazilian national team.

The Brazilian stopper was also asked about Cristiano Ronaldo, who is still enjoying his holidays: “He’s a smart guy. He knows how to ration himself in the important games. We have to congratulate him and the technical staff because Cristiano Ronaldo was a machine last season”.

Finally, Casemiro spoke about the rivals and Leo Messi, who drove the Brazilian crazy in the last El Clásico in La Liga: “He likes to drive crazy the rival. It’s something we spoke in the dressing room. We cannot leave him there forgotten because it would be a signal that he will give us work”.

Now Casemiro is training with the rest of the team with Antonio Pintus, getting ready for a challenging season. Luckily, this season he should have more rest because Los Blancos brought back from Alavés Marcos Llorente, who should be Casemiro’s replacement in the line-up.