Casillas is not happy for Arbeloa’s farewell

Casillas is not happy for Arbeloa’s farewell

Iker Casillas

One of the most emotional moments of the weekend was Arbeloa’s goodbye party after Valencia’s game. Zinedine Zidane put into the field Arbeloa at the second half giving him the chance to say goodbye to all madridistas.

Real Madrid supporters showed a huge Arbeloa’s t-shirt in the stadium and we could see a lot of supporters wearing Arbeloa’s t-shirt. The player was really moved by the farewell party and we could even see some tears dropping down his eyes.

However, not everyone seemed happy about Arbeloa’s goodbye. Former captain of Real Madrid, Iker Casillas, said he would have liked to have a similar goodbye. “Every single footballer playing for Real Madrid deserve these farewell parties, with the colleagues, with the people”, said the Porto goalkeeper.

Casillas left the club on the 12th of July last year with a press conference. The former captain spoke alone in front of the press, reading a press release. The day after, the club showed all the trophies won by the captain.

The goalkeeper wanted to thank Arbeloa for “everything he’s done for the club”. The relationship between Casillas and Arbeloa is known for not being the best among the squad.