Casillas: As a Real Madrid Supporter, I Don’t Understand the Booing at...

Casillas: As a Real Madrid Supporter, I Don’t Understand the Booing at Cristiano

Iker Casillas

Iker Casillas played several years with the Real Madrid t-shirt, so he knows better than anyone what is the feeling of being at Santiago Bernabéu. The Porto goalkeeper also had to listen several booes in his last years in the Spanish capital. Now, he talked about his experience at Real Madrid and the current situation at the club.

One of the main questions right now are the booes at Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese is disturbed by this situation but the Real Madrid supporters continue to show their criticism to the Portuguese star: “If this remind me to my experience? What should I tell you, that Bernabéu booed every single player? People demand a lot to Cristiano. Being the best in the world together what Messi has this responsibility. As a Real Madrid supporter, sometimes I don’t understand why this can happen. Six months ago he was European champion. Real Madrid have few bad things and many good things. This is Real Madrid. You cannot live in the past”, Iker Casillas said in an interview with the radios tation Onda Cero.

The goalkeeper also spoke about his farewell: “With the time everyone has the farewell that they want. I didn’t want to leave in any other way. What happened that week it’s only known by few people and my reaction was that I didn’t want another farewell. The president called me and asked me if I could to to Bernabéu because it wasn’t a good farewell”, Casillas remembered.

Now, Iker Casillas wants to look forward to the future: “I don’t think I was kicked out. The time heals everything. Looking behind it’s not positive. I left the club sad because I considered it my home but these things happen. […]. It took me a while but I got it”.

The goalkeeper is now happier with Porto: “I feel relieved, quieter. I have pressure but nothing compare with Spain. For good or for bad reason, I felt observed by many people. I’m not a machine, after football I have a life. People tell you, make some comments and you think too much. You have to find yourself”.

Finally, Casillas said he wants to continue one year more at Porto, a team that he compared with FC Barcelona. Besides, he didn’t want to have any controversy with Mourinho, Arbeloa or Xabi Alonso.