Casillas: I will always be Thankful to Real Madrid

Casillas: I will always be Thankful to Real Madrid


More than two years after leaving Real Madrid, Iker Casillas has spoken about his feeling in an interview with the Spanish newspaper MARCA. The goalkeeper is doing a great season with Porto and they face Benfica on Saturday in ‘O Classico’ in the Portuguese football.

Iker Casillas has still really good memories of Real Madrid: “I will always be thankful to Real Madrid. I could accomplished my childhood dream, play in the team of my heart and I have only thankful words […]. I’ll always consider it my home. With all due respect to the other, but this is my home”.

Casillas suffered a lot in his last years at Bernabéu stadium, when he had to listen some whistles from his supporters. Now Keylor Navas is in a similar situation: “What can I say? I don’t like it, I lived it, not only for me, but when another player was booed. You have to be very courageous to forget this. It’s a very demanding club and come year ago there was a mini fracture because of some circumstances we saw and we lived”, the goalkeeper said.

He wanted also to defend Keylor Navas: “The whistles are always at Bernabéu and it’s curious because I think Keylor, last season, it’s amazing how he cannot be included among the two or three best goalkeepers in the world. After what Keylor did last year, winning the most important competition in Europe, that neither UEFA nor FIFA have awarded him… Perhaps not the best, but at least the second. Or also Jan Oblak. We are speaking about two men that did an amazing Champions League”.

Casillas was also asked about the whistles he heard at Bernabéu and if he understand the supporters now: “When the time passes you understand it, of course. But that’s it, it’s the past, you are not going to go around this thing. To the four or five people I did that gesture, I said that I regretted it, but perhaps I will do the same again, I don’t know”, Casillas analyzed.

Casillas was one of the most important players in the last La Liga title Real Madrid won with Mourinho: “It was a season with a tough start, we lost the Spanish Supercup against Barcelona. We lost against Levante and then we drew against Racing, we were five points behind. We could comeback and in Christmas we had five points of advantage […]. It was an amazing season for everyone. The pity were the penalties against Bayern Munich, really bad luck”.