Coentrao: I’m not at my Best to Play in a Club like...

Coentrao: I’m not at my Best to Play in a Club like Real Madrid

Fabio Coentrao

Real Madrid supporters might agree this time with Fabio Coentrao, who spoke with the Portuguese newspaper Record about his situation in the Spanish capital. The left back is very harsh with himself and he admits he doesn’t have the skills to play for the Spanish giants at the moment.

Despite his poor season, Coentrao leaves the door open to continue in Madrid: “I have a deal with Real Madrid until 2019. If they want me, it’s perfect, otherwise I’ll follow my path. But it’s true that I’m living a complicated period in my career this season”.

One of Coentrao’s problems are the injuries: “I’m fully recovered. I’ve been training without any problems the last two season. My future expectations are varied, but I want to be at my best in the next season”, the Portuguese defender commented.

Due to these injuries, Coentrao admits he doesn’t have the skills to play at Santiago Bernabéu: “I don’t have any problem to admit that I’m not at my best to play in a club like Real Madrid. Everybody should admit their limitations in a particular period in their life and I have the feeling that this club has a very high level, which I don’t currently have”, Coentrao says very sincerely.

For this reason, Coentrao is expecting a decision for the club: “In football, everything can change at the very last moment, for this reason I train every day, so my conscience is calm. If I go back home, I go back to a great Portugal because we don’t have to despise the Portuguese clubs compare to Real Madrid. Probably I’ll need to go back to recover the level I showed one day”.

Coentrao is only 29 years old, so he expects to improve: “My intention is to play at least three or four more years at a high level, and I know I could do it. If Real Madrid don’t want me, I’ll do it in any other club. But we have to think about it at the end of the season, now we have to work hard, fight for minutes and help Real Madrid to win all the titles available this season”, Coentrao finished.