CONFIRMED: Cheryshev go back to Villarreal

CONFIRMED: Cheryshev go back to Villarreal

Denis Cheryshev

It’s now official. Cheryshev returns to Villarreal after only one year in which he played for Real Madrid and Valencia. The winger has reached an agreement with the Yellow Submarine on a five-year deal.

Villarreal will pay a 10M€ transfer fee to Real Madrid but Los Blancos keep a percentage of Cheryshev’s eventual sale. This is a great opportunity for Cheryshev because he will play Champions League next season if Villarreal don’t fail to qualify to the group stage. The team finished fourth last year in an impressive season, arriving to the Europa League semi-finals as well.

Cheryshev played last year in Real Madrid until January when he moved to Valencia in the Winter transfer window. He played really well at Valencia but he suffered several injuries who kept him away from the pitch. For this reason he’s not playing the Euro with Russia and he won’t be fit to play the Champions League qualification round in August.

The Russian was very unlucky in his time at Real Madrid, especially when he played in Copa del Rey at Cádiz after been suspended with Villarreal the previous season. This situation ended up in Real Madrid being disqualified from the competition.

“We are negotiating for Denis, and I believe a deal will be closed, and we will be able to make it public soon,” Villarreal vice-president Jose Manuel Llaneza told reporters before the deal was confirmed. Obviously, this is a great signing from Villarreal, who is growing a lot in the last years.

“We come from a great season, but now that it’s over we must start again from scratch,” Llanez added. “The players who stay in the team are the reason behind what we achieved last season.”