Cristiano Ronaldo: “I’m Surprised by what the Public thinks of Me”

Cristiano Ronaldo: “I’m Surprised by what the Public thinks of Me”


Cristiano Ronaldo highlighted again in a very important venue in Europe. The Champions League suits the Portuguese and he looks very comfortable in this competition. After the great victory at Dortmund, the striker spoke with the press and he looked quite angry about all the information published about him in the last months.

The striker was especially bothered by the criticism he faced when he hadn’t scored in two games in La Liga: “It seems that I have to show game by game what I am; I’m surprised by what the public thinks of me. Once again, the numbers speak by themselves, I’m very happy for my game number 400 and I don’t know how many goals… People who speak about me know better than I. It’s the normal thing, when I’m fine and there is a chance, I score. Sometimes goalkeepers or bars prevent it. My life’s ethic is the same, I’m a professional and I never exasperate. I have always a healthy mind, ready for the challenges and the criticism, that it’s worse. I’m fine with my team mates and happy”.

Besides these words, Cristiano was very happy with the victory: “Before the game we spoke that we wanted to win at Dortmund. We did what the coach asked, be motivated. The team was great, we created chances and score three goals there is tough. We did a complete game, offensively and defensively, it was a great game for us”.

Many of his colleagues are renewing his contract with the club and perhaps the Portuguese striker is the next one: “This is a good question. I’m happy, the things go out in a natural way. This is a question that the president might answer better than me… I’m happy, I’m doing what I like. I’m happy happy for my colleague who renewed because their contracts were about to expire”

The team changes a lot when Cristiano is not in the pitch, although the Portuguese sees the things different: “When Cristiano is not there, I see Real Madrid as strong as always. When Cristiano is playing, it’s the same, a team. These are not individual players, this is a team. The team has potential and talent enough, so when myself, Bale or Benzema are not playing, the team is always good”.

Finally, Cristiano was asked if he’s not comfortable in Madrid: “I never said that. People spoke about me every day all around the world. I live for football and for my family, not for the press. Sometimes everything starts in Portugal, Spain, Germany… Everyone who says the name of Cristiano is world news. When you are big people speak about you”.