Cristiano Ronaldo made me feel ugly and insecure, says Irina Shayk

Cristiano Ronaldo made me feel ugly and insecure, says Irina Shayk

Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk

International supermodel Irina Shayk spoke to the press about her relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo for the first time since the couple broke up last Christmas.

Shayk confessed things were not as magical as it seemed: “I think a woman feels ugly when she has the wrong man near her. With Ronaldo I felt ugly and insecure.”

In the interview with magazine Hola, the Russian model explained “if you have a relationship, it must be a good one, otherwise it is better to just end it. Relationships are tough, so you need to be sure about the kind of man you want and what your values are, what kind of life you want.”

“If you remain near someone for a long time it must be because you’re both walking in the same direction and looking for the same kind of things. Both need to share the same energy to believe in a monogamous relationship,” she added.

Shayk explained what are the things he wants of a man: “I want a loyal and honest man, a gentleman who respects women. I don’t believe in men who make us fall and feel unhappy, because those are not men, but kids.”

Irina said she thought Ronaldo was that ideal man, “but he wasn’t.” She also told Hola that now she feels “positive and strong” looking at her future.


  1. Irina!
    Maybe you feel ugly and insecure ?
    Because you are pretty damn “Ugly”!
    And insecure because you are ugly!
    LoL !!!

  2. Look I would try to compare irina and cr7 it won’t be fair I mean who new her before she started dating cr7 so I can’t say it’s cr7 who made her insecure it’s jus her face

  3. Hmmmmmm its so sadden to hear this because I was so excited when I saw you… I mean an excruciating beauty like you next to my most lovely footballer in the world during his second world best title award. However, life is about compatibility perhaps you two are not just compatible. I pray you find a better and happy life.