Cristiano Ronaldo shouldn’t rush back, says Roberto Carlos

Cristiano Ronaldo shouldn’t rush back, says Roberto Carlos


Cristiano Ronaldo shouldn’t rush back from his hamstring injury, according to former Real Madrid left-back Roberto Carlos.

The Los Blancos talisman sat out last weekend’s trip to Real Sociedad and the midweek match away at Borussia Dortmund nursing a knee problem. It later emerged that he also has a hamstring strain that could see him miss the Copa del Rey final and the first leg of the Champions League semi-final against Bayern Munich.

Ronaldo, who has contributed a stunning 45 goals this season, including 14 in the Champions League alone, would be a huge loss. But Roberto Carlos told Marca that he had to make a full recovery rather than rush back too soon.

“I had the same injury and I had to strengthen my knee with a lot of gym work with massages to reduce the inflammation,” the 41-year-old former defender said.

He added: “It is an injury that needs to be treated with care. If he pushes himself too hard, it could become a chronic injury.

“Personally, 45 minutes prior to training I would warm my leg up, which stopped it hurting and I played as usual. There’s a full preparatory session prior to the warm-up and the game itself, and Madrid has all the tools required to manage the pain.”


  1. Yeah it’s highly supported by me cuz if he rushes back, it would cause serious problem for him, for the rest of the season and looking at world cup which is around the corner!

  2. Yea, R.carlos is right, bt dat wil b a dangerous gamble for madrid, because without him madrid is out of ucl against reigning champ.