Cristiano Ronaldo to sue over false investment claims

Cristiano Ronaldo to sue over false investment claims


Reports in Spain have suggested Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo is to sue a consultancy firm over false claims surrounding his investments.

A spokesman for the player told the EFE news agency that the forward is considering legal action against The Proto Group after it wrongly claimed Ronaldo had invested in a favela in Brazil, bought properties in New York and Monaco, and agreed to feature in a Martin Scorsese film.

Proto Group, owned by Italian financier Alessandro Proto, linked Ronaldo to the purchase of a 140 million euro hotel in Monaco in January as well as a 17 million euro loft apartment in New York’s Trump Tower back in August 2015.

A spokesman for Ronaldo stated: “News about the personal and professional life of Cristiano Ronaldo should come directly from official sources and informed media outlets, and the media should abstain from passing along ‘information’ which has the only intention of tricking public opinion for the benefit of the source.”

Having learned about the potential legal action, Proto hit back saying they look forward to seeing what Ronaldo’s case brings up.

“We learned on Tuesday that Cristiano Ronaldo wants to sue our company. We are curious to learn the true reasons behind his decision. Probably it is because what he asked for did not come about. Cristiano Ronaldo must understand that not everyone is at his disposal,” the statement said.

And it continued: “The information about deals realised by our group have been public knowledge for nearly a year. Probably, Cristiano is upset because we haven’t reached a deal with him. Cristiano Ronaldo is used to having the world at his feet, but we don’t work that way. It will be fun to see him in a proceeding that exposes many details, including those of his private life.”