Cristiano Ronaldo: Zidane Was Key to Win the Champions League

Cristiano Ronaldo: Zidane Was Key to Win the Champions League


Cristiano Ronaldo was nominated by UEFA as the best player of the year along with Antoine Griezmann and Gareth Bale. The Portuguese can end the year winning this award and Ballon D’Or as the perfect end for a perfect season. Actually, Cristiano says it’s been the “best season in my career”.

Cristiano Ronaldo has spoken with UEFA after his remarkable season and he is now ready to start a new successful year: “In terms of trophies it was possibly the best of my career”, Cristiano said, after winning the Champions League and the Euro. He also finished topscorer in the Champions League and did a good Euro with Portugal: “It really was a top-drawer, excellent season for me”, he said.

It wasn’t an easy season though. Everything changed when Zidane arrived to Real Madrid in January. Cristiano Ronaldo only has good words for his coach: “Zidane was key. He’s a great professional, a great person and, in my opinion, his biggest quality is his ability to give his players a sense of calm”. For Cristiano Ronaldo, “Zidane deserves a lot of credit” after his successful first season as a top-flight club manager.

Zidane’s best achievement was to win the Champions League against Atlético de Madrid, a very important day for Cristiano Ronaldo: “It was an amazing experience”. Cristiano Ronaldo thinks that Real Madrid was the best team in the pitch but he was also sincere when he talked with UEFA: “We had a bit of luck in the shoot-out because penalties are always a lottery”.

After winning the Champions League, Cristiano played the Euro with his national team. No one could expect that Portugal were able to win the trophy, not even his captain: “To be honest I didn’t think Portugal could win the EURO. But match by match I started believing it was possible”.

Finally, Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to highlight the great season of Pepe, his team mate at Real Madrid and at Portugal: “Pepe was extraordinary this year. It was possibly his best season”, the Portuguese star admitted.