Dani Carvajal, a life linked to Real Madrid

Dani Carvajal, a life linked to Real Madrid


Real Madrid TV showed yesterday a report about Daniel Carvajal. The right forward was interviewed and also his team mates Álvaro Morata, Lucas Vázquez and Nacho. They all came from the young teams of Real Madrid to play at Santiago Bernabéu.

Carvajal commented how he grew up dreaming to play one day for Real Madrid: “I remember the first time I went to the stadium. We had the tickets at the top and I felt vertigo… I thought, perhaps one day I could be up there”, the defender said.

He also remember the day he started with Real Madrid, the day of his first communion: “That day was very special to me because they gave me as a gift the Real Madrid kit and they told me I was going to do the test to go into the club. It was a wonderful day”.

It wasn’t easy for Carvajal. He had to leave and go to Germany to play on loan with Bayer Leverkusen: “The hardest thing was to say goodbye to my parents. I decided to live in Dusseldorf because a former colleague was there, so I wasn’t alone. I missed everything there. I remember the trip when my friends came and the house was very small but we arrange to stay altogether and I brought them to eat paella”.

Obviously, one of Carvajal’s best memories is the Champions League won in Lisbon: “That 93rd minute was key and I think everybody saw the trophy in our hand because of the mentality afterwards. I cried when I saw all my family… I think that there is nothing like the first one and Real Madrid stayed 12 years without winning it”.

He also had good memories of the Champions League won in Milan, although he got injured: “I tried to not risk myself to arrive to the final, but in the game I felt a lot of pain with every pass. I felt it in the 18th minute and in the second half I wasn’t comfortable and I thought not to be selfish and I thought Danilo could do it better. That day was very sad because I knew that the Euro was in the background”, Carvajal regrets.