Didier Deschamps: I will decide on Karim Benzema

Didier Deschamps: I will decide on Karim Benzema


France coach Didier Deschamps has admitted he is getting a little frustrated with always having to answer questions about whether he will pick Karim Benzema for the European Championships this summer or not.

The Real Madrid striker is involved in an ongoing blackmail case against team mate Matieu Valbuena. The story emerged last autumn when it was alleged the Los Blancos man played a role in trying to extort money from the Lyon midfielder to get rid of a sex tape he featured in.

Benzema was banned from speaking to Valbuena while the case is ongoing and he was suspended by France until either it is over or he is at least able to speak to Valbuena again. Last week, the order of no communication was lifted, raising the possibility that he could return for Les Bleus in time for the Euros, which take place in his home country.

Speaking to reporters earlier this week, Deschamps admitted the attention surrounding Benzema is frustrating.

“I’m a little tired of this. I’m here to choose and I will. Everyone has the right to an opinion but there are two people who decide, first the president and then me. It’s not a question of whether I want a player to come or not. I’ll decide when the time comes,” he stated.