Dortmund striker would ‘love to play for Real Madrid’

Dortmund striker would ‘love to play for Real Madrid’


Borussia Dortmund forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang says he would love to play for Real Madrid if he got the chance and promised his grandfather he would one day play for the club.

The African footballer of the year has netted 30 goals in 32 appearances this season, attracting the interest of the top clubs in Europe who may be on the lookout for a new striker at the end of the season.

The likes of Manchester City and Chelsea have been linked with Aubameyang but the striker says he would prefer a move to Spain over any other league because of his family connections.

Speaking to French sports paper L’Equipe, he commented: “My childhood dream was to play for Real Madrid. I promised my grandfather, who was from Avila some 110 kilometres away from Madrid, that I would play there. I realise that it will not be easy, but is always in the back of my mind.”

The 26-year-old added: “I watched a lot of Hugo Sanchez videos when I was still a child. The somersault I sometimes do to celebrate a goal is a homage to him. Playing for Real Madrid, or even another big Spanish club, would also be a great gift for my mother.”