Easier to win Champions League in Spain and Germany – Mourinho

Easier to win Champions League in Spain and Germany – Mourinho


Former Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho says it is easier to win the Champions League for Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich than it is with any of the English clubs because of the intense nature of the Premier League.

His old side Chelsea crashed out of the competition at the hand of PSG last week. The French side were crowned champions of Ligue 1 with eight games to go. And on Wednesday night, Barcelona saw off Arsenal to reach the quarter final of the competition. Los Cules lead the La Liga race by eight points and look set to easily retain the title they won last May.

Speaking to BT Sport, Mourinho said the competitive nature of the Premier League means teams such as Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City are all having to play huge games in the same week as playing in European competition whereas their European counterparts can usually take their foot off the pedal in their respective leagues.

“Some countries in this moment, it is easier for them. A team who are champions in February – that team have much more conditions to be successful than a team that are playing until the last match of the season in May,” he said.

He continued: “I’ll give you an example: Two years ago I played Champions League semi-final with Chelsea against Atletico Madrid. Two days later I was playing Liverpool v Chelsea at Anfield to decide the champions of England.”

And the Portuguese boss summed up his opinons by saying: “So I would look to a Spanish team – Barcelona, Real Madrid – I would look to a German team – Bayern Munich – and I would say comparing the competitive realities during 10 months, I think they arrive in the key moment of the season in better conditions than other clubs.”


  1. Its true English Premier League is tougher fixtures of games that’s why to win champions league is not easy, but in other country if a team prepare to play champions league on wednesday can’t play game on saturday but to play on friday before that day, but in England team play on saturday night game then play on tuesday champions league game at night,

  2. this is not a reason,non of premier League club is as strong as bayern, Madrid or barca.we have been seeing some Spanish lesser clubs defeating English firepowers talk less of atletico recently. All I can agree is that, English teams are average among them selves that’s why their fixtures are tough.
    Mr special one your quotes are garbage of the highest order.

  3. No team has played more matches than Barcelona between last season and this season. Yet, they maintain a certain level of consistency. That’s what champions are made of. Most of the Epl teams are on the same level and all of them are far below the level of Europe’s elite (barca, Madrid, bayern).

  4. Comment: Isnt that same day Atletico played Bercelona for the title decider, and why didn’t u win it with real Madrid since its easier.