Eder Militao, Unvelied, Needs to Leave Press Conference Dizzy!

Eder Militao, Unvelied, Needs to Leave Press Conference Dizzy!


Eder Militao set foot at Santiago Bernabéu stadium for the first time in his life as a madridista. Florentino Pérez was also present to unveil the recent Copa América champion, who will join the group later on in Canadá. However, we’ll always remember his unveiling because he had to leave the press conference after feeling dizzy. Not the best way to start in the club.

Maybe the anxiety, nervous, long journey, jet lag… There could be many reasons, but Militao had to leave the press conference after telling the journalists that he was feeling dizzy. Before, he had time to try his white t-shirt with no number on it, listen to Florentino Pérez and set foot on the grass of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium.

Los Blancos paid €50M for the centre-back defender to Porto and he should be the replacement for Sergio Ramos or Raphael Varane. His age -only 21-, makes him a clear bid for the future, as Varane was some time ago. But we should be patient with him despite the money spent and the calls with the Brazilian international team. He’s still young and will need some time to learn.

His wish is winning the Champions League with Real Madrid and he already listened to some tips from Casillas or Pepe, former colleagues at Porto: “They told me about the culture, the day-to-day routine. They told me to be calm”.

Militao didn’t want to speak about his ambition of being in the starting eleven because this is Zidane’s call, but he wants to be “competitive”. The Brazilian admitted that he had not talked with Zidane yet, but he’s looking forward to meeting them all.

It won’t be easy for Militao to find a spot in the starting eleven, but he will have many minutes for sure. Nacho Fernández showed a really poor level last season and Vallejo has many physical problems. One of the two Spaniards will leave the club, probably Vallejo, and Militao will have many options to shine.