Falcao transfer postponed until January

Falcao transfer postponed until January


Colombian striker Radamel Falcao will arrive at Real Madrid in the next winter transfer market, French media have claimed.

Carlo Ancelotti announced a few days ago that Los Blancos will not make any more signings this summer, and it could be true, despite claims that Florentino Perez would still be seeking a striker to replace Alvaro Morata, who is now at Juventus.

Los Merengues have spent more than 100 million euros this summer in bringing Toni Kroos, James Rodriguez and Keylor Navas. The only way they could afford a new first-class signing would be finding a buyer for Angel di Maria and Sami Khedira, which seems more unlikely as the last day of the transfer market gets closer.

However, Real directors know there is only one pure striker in the squad -Karim Benzema- and they doubt they can face such a long season and fight for six competitions with just the Frenchman up front.

Thus, they are considering postponing the signing of a new striker until January, and French newspapers believe they are trying to convince Monaco about a winter Falcao move.

The Colombian is determined to play at the Santiago Bernabeu, and he knows he is Florentino Perez’s favourite for the job. Yet, his high price could make Los Blancos consider other options. Alvaro Negredo was also linked with Los Blancos, but his recent injury has ruined his chances of returning to Madrid.


  1. That january idea is not ideal for a player who would definitely play for his club (Monaco) in this UCL. If Real Madrid want Falcao they should get him NOW (either on Loan or full signing), NOT in january when he would not be eligible to play for Real Madrid in the UCL.

  2. I take w don’t ave much tym again if w won 2 sign falcao bcox benzema can not do alone ucl league is ahead us pls bring falcao b4 dat tym

  3. I tink w don’t ave much tym again if w won 2 sign falcao bcox benzema can not do alone ucl league is ahead us pls bring falcao b4 dat tym

  4. Honestly Madrid my clup they want to start season with out straker becouse they withdraw buy falcao, The seem shown this Season we shall lose are machies if we not takecare, becouse we done tired with banzima stirake madrid we,re healing to buy best straker for us,five years he never change his tactise salvage our clup from gatedawn bag,please.

  5. I agree with Tom. Buy Falcao now. After all, Benzema is not always consistent. I would have sold Benzema, kept Di Maria and bought Falcao.

  6. hy ,
    i am a madrid fans,the only think i want real madrid to do is just let them try and bring falcao we should not wait until january ,now we have only one striker which is benzima and you that for him is always difficult for him to score he strugled a lot before scoring so is better and bring falcao si that benzima will have compotetion,pls
    prez ,

  7. We might be hearding into that after Makelele was sold if we sell Di Maria. See how the team struggled without him on friday.

  8. realmadrid should buy falcao b4 d transfer date close,dat will b d bter idea 4 marid so dat day can hv two striks in case one is dawn one will be dey 4 madrid agen,bst thing 2 do,we madrid fans we are nt happy 4 d sale of di maria i swear,2 cover d mistake bck is 2 by falcao 2 madrid 2 mk evrything wrk bck