Fans planning to sue Real Madrid over Copa del Rey elimination

Fans planning to sue Real Madrid over Copa del Rey elimination

Denis Cheryshev

A group of Real Madrid fans are planning to sue the club for the negligence that has caused the Copa del Rey elimination, which will prevent these fans from benefiting from the special season ticket they bought.

It has emerged that a group of Los Blancos season ticket holders have contacted Spanish trade union Manos Limpias asking them to bring a lawsuit against Real Madrid, and they are already preparing the legal action.

Owners of the Euroabono -a especial season ticket that included the league, cup and Champions League matches- will not be able to attend a single Copa del Rey this season, as Los Merengues have been kicked off the competition for fielding suspended Denis Cheryshev in the away leg.

Manos Limpias have claimed this has caused an “economic damage” to these fans, and believe they should be given back part of the season ticket cost.

In a public statement, the trade union has revealed they are preparing “civil and penal action to correct the damage caused and demand criminal liability, if there was any.”

The Competition Committee judge decided to eliminate Real Madrid from the Copa del Rey for fielding Cheryshev, who should have been serving a one-match suspension after receiving three yellow cards in this competition last season with Villarreal. The judge has claimed the player was correctly notified of the sanction in March 2015 and should have known he was not allowed to play.


  1. The world gets more fucked up everyday! Now we are sueing our own club that we love….
    Ask for your mine back If they get thrown out…. how the fuck can you Sue the club….
    I think am gonna leave as a fan…. i hear wolfburg is doing great and there tickets are cheaper hahahaha

  2. For once, can Daniel Alves and Gerald Pique be a bit professional in the manner and ways that they talk about realmadrid? Alves looks like a child who grew up in the ghetto he always want to say something negative about rmadrid and G. Pique, a father who should by now be teaching his children manners.

  3. I always feel so embarrassed whenever Daniel Alves and Gerald Pique have something to say about Real Madrid, they seem not to realize that rivalry has limit. They churn out comments that makes one start wondering their mental state. Its really high time they grow up.

  4. Comment: Rafa is not the right man to coach a team like Madrid. Alves & Pique are not civilized, they are just fortunate…

    • Comment:its high time they change the president, the manager is not at fault. This president is secretly destroying the team. Real madrid have really lost their spanish identity, we do not have ball players here and we play boring football and always only worry about being defensive hence the fans will always want a share of excitement. Ball playing teams comprising mainly spanish midfielders like barca and atletico will always give us problems because we have migrated from our spanish identity. The president should be changed

  5. I really wonder why the president of RM choose benitez as coach?
    he is not worth of becoming a coach at RM.
    he should be sacked imediatly if real madrid want to bring back happiness at the club and the fance heart………..
    halla Madrid Anceloti/Klopp/guardiola or ZZ must come

  6. Comment: #MIDDLE FINGER @DANI ALVES & PIQUE. i honestly think that Rafa have to go and resign parez if not that we play to valencia

  7. Joder DANIEL ALVES,
    Cheryshev .. Rafa Benítez
    tienes que estar despedir
    como ronaldo tiene que ir
    también, Florentino Pérez a renunciar a su deber o
    jugamos a valencia .. Un
    amor a SERGIO RAMOS,
    MARCELO, Varane, Modric
    CASMERO y Benzema

  8. Comment: this is a team that sacks Ancelloti and employ Benitez. Sold Diego Lopez who had a better season than Casillas at that time, sold Robben, Di Maria, Alonso etc. All is the fault of Florentino Perez. We want him to resign. Painful thing is that Calderon that has been criticizing Perez is not even better. Perhaps Madrid should drop their pride and go out for Figo as the President and Zidane or more preferably Guadiola should be our coach. We need a team that has a football structure to build on. Barca is tiki taka. Any coach who comes in, blends and adds to their tiki taka but never change the base. I want that from Real Madrid too. The fans are being punished for what they don’t deserve. #HalaMadrid.