FIFA claims are absurd, says Real Madrid general director

FIFA claims are absurd, says Real Madrid general director

Florentino Perez, Real Madrid president

Real Madrid general director Jose Angel Sanchez has said that FIFA’s claims over Los Blancos breaking the transfer rules for underage players are “absurd.”

Sanchez and Javier Lopez, the director of Legal Services at Real Madrid, gave a press conference after FIFA announced a one-year transfer ban on Los Blancos and their city rivals Atletico de Madrid.

“FIFA’s claims are so wrong that they absurdly sanction us for the signings of sons of the first team manager. Zidane. It is so wrong, that leads to such absurd situation, like that of Ezequiel Garay’s brother. I assure you all the other cases they are sanctioning the club for are exactly the same,” Sanchez claimed.

Real Madrid announced they are going to appeal this decision and Sanchez believes it will go through: “We are confident the appeal will be successful,” he said.

Asked about how this is going to affect Los Blancos transfers strategy, Sanchez admitted “this has been so unexpected that we haven’t even considered that.” “It appears FIFA made this decision back in July, but we were not warned,” he explained.

Sanchez confessed the image of the club has been “seriously” damaged. “However, it is so unbelievable the way they’ve sanctioned us, that we think it will have no consequences. We respect the values of childhood and have refused to sign underage players in order to respect the regulations,” he added.

Asked about the similarities with Barcelona’s ban, Sanchez said that Real Madrid’s case “is different.” “We acted correctly, as the documents prove, and this is a mistake. That is why there are authorities that can revoke it,” he concluded.


  1. I want Madrid board and committee to seriously fight against this act by fifa, they want to destroy the image of the club in the world with what I read it show that Madrid is innocent of the crime b’cos the case is quite different from Barcelona issue b’cos Madrid is one the highest respective club in the world.. if the case finally come real Madrid favor fifa need to be fine for blackmail… Hala Madrid