Florentino Perez: Investigation down to jealousy

Florentino Perez: Investigation down to jealousy

Florentino Perez, Real Madrid president

President Florentino Perez has declared the European Commission investigation into alleged illegal state aid was fuelled by jealousy.

The news came earlier this week when the Commission claimed seven La Liga clubs had received illegal support from national and regional authorities through preferential tax rates.

Clubs such as Barcelona, Osasuna and Athletic Bilbao could have an unfair advantage because they pay less tax due to their status as members’ clubs.

“There is a campaign against Spanish football because of the success we have had.” the Real Madrid President said.

“About our operation with the Ciudad Deportiva [training ground, the subject of the land deal] there was already a legal complaint. They investigated us, they wanted to damage us, and nothing happened.”

Perez said being a members’ club was not in anyway advantageous, and that it “had cost Madrid €13 million, because you cannot deduct for money which is reinvested.”

European Commissioner Joaquin Almunia told As the investigation was initiated by a complaint, but he could not reveal who had brought the matters to the Commission’s attention.

“When we receive information, or some complaint, we look to examine the information, to understand the situation, and if we reach a moment when we have reasonable doubts about state aid which is not compatible with European legislation, then we open a formal investigation,” he explained.

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