Florentino Pérez Searches his new Galáctico

Florentino Pérez Searches his new Galáctico

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It’s for Florentino Pérez to sign a Galáctico. After a quite summer in 2016, everybody expects a great signing from Real Madrid. FIFA banned Los Blancos to sign any new player in the last winter window, but now Real Madrid are back in the market and many players would be suitable for the nickname ‘Galáctico’.

The list of ‘Galácticos’ signed for Florentino Pérez is very long. Everything started with Luis Figo in 2000. Florentino Pérez was then a candidate to the Real Madrid presidency. He arrived with the signing of Figo, Barcelona star. The goal was accomplished and Florentino won the elections and Figo came to Madrid.

The ‘Galácticos era’ started then. After Figo, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo Nazario, David Beckham or Michael Owen arrived to the Bernabéu stadium. Florentino Pérez didn’t stop there. Cristiano Ronaldo was signed in 2009, Gareth Bale in 2013 and James Rodríguez in 2014. But we haven’t seen any big signings in the last two years after the Champions League won by Los Blancos. Now it’s time for a ‘Galáctico’.

In the last weeks, we’ve seen news around Real Madrid transfer market. Eden Hazard, Mbappé, Dybala or David De Gea meet the requirements to be called ‘Galácticos’. These would be very expensive acquisitions but should excite Real Madrid fans for the next project. This big signing would depend on the titles Zidane is able to win this season and the players who could leave Bernabéu in the summer.

Actually, James Rodríguez and Isco Alarcón are the two footballers with more options to leave Madrid in the next transfer window. There won’t be any room for a big player if both stay at the end of the season. Selling Karim Benzema could be another option if a striker is the chosen position to sign, but the French forward is Florentino Pérez favourite player, so it’s quite unlikely that Los Blancos decide to get rid of him in June.

Which player would you sign as a ‘Galáctico’ for Real Madrid?


  1. i want prez to sing these player for real madrid.dybala,de gea,silva at monaco,eden hazard,dele allie, alexis scanchez,and sing any defender and casimero assistant.and sell isco,danilo,benzema,ronaldo because of the age,pepe.so that we the fans of r madrid will be happy

  2. I want mr. President to sign those players next summer, they are; Dybala, Aubameyang, Hazard, Verrati, Ricardo Roriguez from wolfsburg. And let Danilo, isco, Benzema, and even Bale to go.

  3. Let Madrid sell; Rinaldo, Benzene, Bale, Navas, Pepe, Modric, James, Morata Mariano, Danilo & the other ever injured Portuguese defender. Instead they buy; De Gea, Hazard, Dybala, Aubameyang, Verrati, Dele Alli & Mbappe.

  4. Madrid must sell the following; Rinaldo, Benzene, Bale, Mariano, Modric, Coentrao, Pepe, Danilo & Navas. Let them buy; De Gea, Hazard, Dyabala, Aubameyang, Verrati, Deli Alli & Dembele