Higuain’s poor record in Finals

Higuain’s poor record in Finals


The former Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuaín has nightmares when he plays a final. He has a reputation as a man who fails in the key moments, and in the Champions League final against Real Madrid he showed once again. He had a great chance to prove that this is not true, but his performance in the final was terrible, being absent during almost all the game, and failing some opportunities in the first minutes of the clash. Higuaín has only scored in just two of the ten finals he has participated.

Despite having completed a great season, where he scored 32 goals in 52 games, Gonzalo Higuaín showed once again that he disappears in the important games. In the first five minutes of the final we saw him playing with a lot of intensity, having some chances and assisting Mandzukic in the goal that gave the tie to the Italian side. Since that assist, he was absent in the Millennium Stadium because Real Madrid’s full backs pair started to cover him, without letting him any opportunity to create danger. In fact, he was very desperate because he could not avoid the catastrophe of his team.

In his stage at Real Madrid, he participated in three finals (Copa del Rey 2011 and two Spanish Supercups in 2008 and 2012) where he only scored in the second leg of the 2012 Spanish Supercup, showing that in the key moments he is not a player who you should trust to win the title.

When he left Real Madrid, he signed with Napoli, where he played three seasons. The Argentine striker won the Italian Cup but he didn’t score any goal in the final. He also won the Italian Supercup against his current team, Juventus, where he scored his last goal in an important clash.

In his stage at Juventus he has won two titles, the Serie A and the Italian cup. In the League we saw Higuaín scoring many goals but once again he didn’t saw the net in the final of the Italian Cup against Lazio where Juventus won 2-0 with goals of Bonucci and Dani Alves.

With his national team his numbers are not the best ones. Higuaín was the main focus in the final of the Copa America and World Cup, after missing many clear chances which may have changed the result of both finals. He had  massive chances to beat Manuel Neuer against Germany during the World Cup final, while in the continental competition he failed from 11 metres to beat Claudio Bravo. These are many mistakes for a striker who wants to be one of the best nines in the world.