How long can Almería’s success last against Real Madrid?

How long can Almería’s success last against Real Madrid?

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Somehow, Carlo Ancelotti has helped Real Madrid win the first match of the season for 10 seasons in a row. However, every new season that comes around has its own new goals and challenges. 

Real Madrid managed to kick off the 20222023 LaLiga campaign with some difficulty. Surprisingly, it was Almería that took a very early lead in the game. However, David Alaba and Lucas Vázquez managed to make sure that victory was, in fact, sealed. 

What the Bookmakers Say 

The bookmakers no doubt had a field day when Almería got an early lead. After all, this team was far from being the favorite. In fact, those who like to bet on qatar 2022 may have considered changing their tactics. The odds would have changed dramatically, especially as Almería looked like they were in with a chance of winning. 

The tables turned, however, and it was Real Madrid that was back on top. This undoubtedly meant that many bets were now safe again. 

The Saudi-owned Club

Almería, the Saudi-owned club, got in early with a goal and no doubt threw fans on both sides a little. After all, Real Madrid are used to winning their first game of the season. The good news is that David Alaba was there to save the day. 

There was a foul at the 75th minute that was obviously ‘meant to be’. David Alaba was set to come onto the pitch from off the bench. When he did, he helped to make the match a successful one, at least for Real Madrid, anyway. 

It’s likely that a lot of Real Madrid’s fans would have known that the tables were about to turn. After all, David Alaba is known for his skills on the field. Being in the stadium at the time and seeing Alaba run onto the field must have been a welcome relief to Real Madrid’s fans. However, Almería’s fans may not have been feeling quite so confident about seeing Alaba, and for good reason. 

The Penalty Helped to Write History 

Luka Modric was brought down by a defender just a few inches away from the penalty area. While this may not have seemed like a big deal, it turned out to be something that us Real Madrid supporters really needed. 

It is this foul that helped to add the upcoming goal to the history books. Alaba came onto the pitch and scored a goal on his first touch. It was this magical touch that ensured Real Madrid had a 21 victory over Almería. This is a team that had been recently promoted and no doubt expected great things from themselves. 

Carlo Ancelotti’s Intervention 

David Alaba told reporters that just before he went onto the pitch, Carlo Ancelotti told him what to do. He told Alaba to take the free kick as he would score. As soon as Alaba scored the goal, it was reported that Real Madrid’s coach Ancelotti said “Look, I told you.” 

The free kick was a very good one and highlights just how good Alaba is. This is a player who seems to excel when it comes to taking free kicks. He’s the kind of player that you want on a team that seems to be lagging behind. The good news is that just as Real Madrid was set for a draw, Alaba used his skills to ensure the team won yet again.

What Does the Future Hold?

So, what does the future hold for Almería? They had been quite successful when it came to playing Real Madrid. As we have already seen, this is a team that was recently promoted. While the team did not win the game against Real Madrid, it looked as though they were in with a real chance. 

This is something that would have rocked fans of Real Madrid and Almería. This is a team who are clearly capable of doing more than many fans think. It took one of the best teams in the world to drown their hopes. So, there is still a real opportunity here for Almería to be successful against Real Madrid in the future. 

Almería’s Success

How long will Almería’s success last? We just don’t know. What we do know is that every player is likely to feel much more confident than ever before. Here they were, playing against the big guys and they were in with a good chance of winning. If Almería keeps this in mind and uses it to their advantage, there’s always the chance that they will win next time.