How To Find The Best Betting Sites For Football

How To Find The Best Betting Sites For Football

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The world of online betting is sometimes chaotic. The options are too many and this is not always positive. Certainly, the plethora of options and competition between the best betting platforms often works in the player-consumer’s favour but can sometimes be confusing. As you can see, answering the question of which betting platform to choose is not an easy task. So it is important to know why and based on what factors you will choose the best betting platform, in which you will experience online betting. Each of these factors has its own weight and importance and it would be good to see who they are, one by one, in order to draw safer conclusions. If you wish to place bets you can check out NetBet and check for yourself whether it fulfils all the criteria we mention in this article.

Betting platforms with the best odds

If we mention the phrase betting on the internet and ask for one that is inextricably linked to it, then the first word that will come to most people’s minds is odds. The odds or prices if you prefer, offered on the toy markets determine almost everything. From them emerges first of all the rake, the supply of the platform. The lower the rake, the higher the odds. So you need to find the best betting platforms with the highest odds to get paid the highest possible prices. It is so simple.

Live Betting

Live betting is the ultimate betting experience. There is nothing more exciting than betting on a match when it is in progress. It is not accidental, after all, that the turnovers are launched in live betting and that is where the big packages fall. This is because there are great opportunities. Watching a game and having good knowledge of the two opponents in advance, you may be led to the right conclusions-estimates, which of course will give you the corresponding gains. In addition, you can cover a selection live that you have played pre-match.



This is a piece that always attracts players. The competition mentioned in the preface, makes the best betting platforms to offer * various promotions, in order to attract new customers or to keep the existing ones on their platform. You can find everything from welcome bonuses to matches with 0% rake *, rewards * for throwing odds *, reward * depending on your playing activity, refund * to 0-0, or if a particular player scores the first goal. There is generally a huge range and a lot of imagination and generosity on the part of the websites. (* Terms & conditions apply)

Services (Cash out – Live Streaming)

Every self-respecting bookmaker who wants to attract players, takes care to offer * the best possible product. So it has to provide high quality services in order to gain an advantage over its competitors. Cash-out * is one of them. It is very important that you can settle your bet before the match is over and lock in winnings or reduce losses. You can do this either pre-match or live. Since the reason for live betting, live streaming * is more than necessary. You cannot bet live if you do not see the game you want to bet on, because then it will be like playing in the blind. In addition, live scores, statistics, the calendar, the live tracker, are all services that determine the best bets from the mediocre ones. (* Terms & conditions apply)


The player who risks his money on the best online betting platforms wants direct communication with the platform he will choose. On the ground he can find the agent and talk, so online there should be a way to be served by a representative of the platform, whether there is a problem, question, or even if he has a simple question. That is why customer service is an important factor in choosing or not choosing a platform. Telephone service, live chat, e-mail, answering them and staff training all play their part.

Special bets

Most players are familiar with the classic markets in betting, such as match result, under / over 2.5, goal / no goal, double chance and draw no bet. In recent years, however, the range is expanding. The players, especially the most systematic ones, are looking for more special situations. From Asian handicaps to combo bets and from special players to alternative limits on under / over and corners, fouls, cards. There is also categorization by time, such as in which minute the first goal will be scored, when the next one will be scored and much more. Diamonds are often hidden in these categories, as it is easier for the trader to make the mistake, so it will be good to find the top betting platforms that offer a wide range of special bets.

Withdrawal Speed

When looking for the best betting site, it is very important that withdrawals are made quickly. First let’s move on to the functional part. It’s nice when you deposit money, the platforms accept it immediately and you can play right away. This is one side. But what can direct play do to you if you cannot withdraw your winnings if they occur. Is not that right; So the time in which you can have your money in your e-wallet, on your card, or in your bank account, is decisive for the choice you will make.

Mobile & Tablet navigation

Times have changed. Technology is evolving geometrically. This has greatly affected online betting. Playing on a mobile phone or tablet is no longer just a reality but has outpaced betting on a desktop computer. The best betting platforms have adapted everything to the small screen of an iOS or smartphone, either by typing the link, or through excellent applications, compatible with almost all mobile devices.