The most important goals of Sergio Ramos

The most important goals of Sergio Ramos


Sergio Ramos has scored many important goals with the Real Madrid t-shirt. The Andalusian full back is appearing in the most important moments with goals that give points and trophies. In El Clásico of yesterday he appeared again, when everything seemed that it was going to end with a Real Madrid defeat, Los Blancos captain scored a goal in the last minutes from a great header. These are the nine important goals the Spanish defender has scored with Real Madrid.

In the second leg of the Champions League against Bayern Munich in the season 2013/2014 began Sergio Ramos miracle. In the first match at Santiago Bernabéu the matches finished 1-0 with a goal of Benzema. Los Blancos visited Allianz Arena with the victory of the first match and Sergio Ramos was the player who scored two goals that gave the calm to Real Madrid supporters.

If something will be recalled to Lisbon, is Ramos goal at the minute so reminded 92:48. After that final Sergio Ramos nickname was “The hero of the tenth Champions League”. At Lisbon also players as Bale, Marcelo and Cristiano scored, but nobody has forgotten ornerier goes to forget that thanks to Sergio Ramos, Los Blancos could won that Champions League against Atlético Madrid.

Ramos also appeared in the club World Cup of 2014 after scoring in the semifinal in a tournament in which the European champion not have veery difficult opponents until the end. Sergio Ramos also scored in the las match for the title. Again he appeared twice from a header.

Real Madrid defender wanted to remember Lisbon final with the one at Milan last year. Sergio Ramos opened the scoreboard in the minute 15 but the match finished 1-1 with Carrasco’s goal. After the 90 minutes and the extra time the match finished in penalties. Sergio Ramos contributed scoring the fourth penalty kick in a very difficult final that finished with Real Madrid’s victory.

Real Madrid had to face Sevilla in the European Super Cup and he reappeared once again in the last minutes scoring a goal that forced the extra time, where Los Blancos finished winning 3-2 with a goal of Carvajal in the minute 119.

His last appearance was in El Clásico of yesterday.When everyone thought the match will finish with Barcelona´s victory, Sergio Ramos scored again a goal in the lat minutes. Real Madrid full back appeared again scoring the goal that gave the tie to Los Blancos and that maintain the distance with Barcelona.