James Rodríguez Faces Controversy in Colombia

James Rodríguez Faces Controversy in Colombia


Colombia suffered a lot on Thursday to beat Bolivia in the qualifying game for the World Cup of Russia. The ‘cafeteros’ team is struggling to get the ticket for the next tournament and the stars are facing big criticism, especially Real Madrid player James Rodríguez, who has confronted the journalists.

James Rodríguez scored the winning goal (1-0) against Bolivia. He missed the penalty but the goalkeeper couldn’t keep the goal and James was able to find the net in his second goal. This goal didn’t avoid heavy criticism from the journalists. After the game, quite nervous James Rodríguez gave the journalist a finger. This gesture, obviously, wasn’t receive kindly by the press, who is attacking the Real Madrid player.

Some months ago, James Rodríguez was only happy when he played for his national team. Actually, after some good performances, he took the chance to criticize Zidane and his lack of opportunities with the white t-shirt. José Peckerman, Colombian manager, also sent some messages to the Real Madrid boss.

The situation has changed now. Colombia are struggling to qualify for the World Cup and they are now in the fourth position of the table. They might risk not getting the ticket to Russia because they only have one point more than Chile, who are now out of the qualifying positions.

James Rodríguez play again with Colombia on Tuesday (22:00, UK Time) against Ecuador in Quito. This is a key game for Peckerman’s side because Ecuador are just one point behind so, in case of defeat, they will drop from the qualifying positions.

This hasn’t been an easy season for James Rodríguez. He doesn’t have Zidane’s trust and he is on the bench in the most important games of the season. Besides, after the FIFA Clubs World Cup he announced that he could leave Real Madrid for the lack of opportunities. Now he is fighting to have some minutes in his club, whereas he faces some controversy with Colombia.


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