James Rodríguez: I stay at Real Madrid

James Rodríguez: I stay at Real Madrid


James Rodríguez was one of the best footballers in the game against Sevilla. Real Madrid played a great game, perhaps the best in the season, and they were able to beat the Andalusian team with some footballers who are not use to play very often. Among them was James Rodríguez, who shone with two goals and a great effort.

Zinedine Zidane decided to change the Colombian in the second half and the supporters didn’t hesitate to stand up and applause. James Rodríguez finished the year complaining about his situation at Real Madrid and started the new one with a great game and he confirmed he will stay in Spain.

“Everybody who is in the team wants to play and everybody goes through bad moments. But now a new year starts for me. I stay, I stay at Real Madrid”, James Rodríguez said about his future with Los Blancos. The manager was also very convinced about this matter in the previous day by saying he wants James Rodríguez to stay in the club.

In the first game of the year, Zidane gives him the opportunity to speak in the pitch and James took it: “I only want to play well when I have the chance, the possibility to do good things like today. Helping scoring goals”, James Rodríguez said after the game. Actually the Colombian was the best player in the pitch, not only for the goals, but for the whole game.

Nevertheless, James Rodríguez was not the only one to play a great game. All his team mates did a great performance and they showed Zidane that the manager has several alternatives if he looks at the bench: “We’ve been well despite the injuries, and this is the most important thing. The result is good. However, the draw is not over and we have to travel to Seville very focus and with intensity”, James finished.