Jemez visits the stadium that could have been his

Jemez visits the stadium that could have been his


Paco Jemez will pay a visit to the Santiago Bernabeu on Saturday with Rayo Vallecano, following the controversy regarding his critics to Zinedine Zidane for coaching Real Madrid Castilla without having the required license. However, if Jose Mourinho had not got Jorge Valdano fired a few years ago, it could be Jemez occupying the host’s bench right now rather than the visitors’.

Valdano, who has Florentino Perez’s right hand until the arrival of Mourinho to Madrid, admitted in an interview with Spanish radio program El Larguero that he would have recommended the signing of Jemez if he had continued working at the Santiago Bernabeu. “Real Madrid’s main corporate value is victory, they don’t have a defined football style. I would have recommended a Spanish manager. And I like managers of bottom teams. Paco Herrera had an interesting view, and Paco Jemez had conviction and played a seductive game,” the Argentinian said.

Valdano has never hidden his fondness for Jemez, whose characteristic style is always a sign of identity of the teams he manages: “It’s not necessary to have Pep Guardiola’s elegance, speech or squad. You just need to have the conviction, and Jemez, managing a minor team, has it. I take my hat off to this type of coaches,” Valdano added.

We’ll never know if the Andalusian manager would have been hired as Jose Mourinho’s substitute had Valdano continued at the club.