Jesus Vallejo: This is a unique opportunity

Jesus Vallejo: This is a unique opportunity


The new Real Madrid signing Jesus Vallejo has confessed that joining Real Madrid is a “unique opportunity” he could not allow himself to miss.

“Signing for Madrid is a unique opportunity and you never know if it could happen again, so I didn’t want to miss that boat,” the 18-year-old explained.

The footballer will stay at Zaragoza this season in a one-year loan, although he’s expected to travel to Madrid in the next few days.

“They haven’t told me when I must travel to Madrid. I imagine I will go this week to meet everybody at the club,” he said.

“Having signed for Madrid is not going to change me. I will keep helping my team. It doesn’t put pressure on me. I already had pressure on me in the European Championship. When you’re in the field you just think of helping the team. Pressure is not something that worries me.”

Vallejo confessed he has spoken with Zaragoza’s manager Ranko Popovic about his transfer: “He has asked me to give my best. He believes this is good for the club. But now I mustn’t think about Real Madrid. I must think about Zaragoza.”

“Sólo he hablado con Marco Asensio, compañero en la Sub’19. Me ha comentado que me ayudará en lo que sea necesario. Pero ahora la cabeza y el corazón los tengo en el Zaragoza, porque voy a trabajar como si perteneciese al club. Estoy tan concentrado como el año pasado, competiré bien”.