Jorge Mendes Loses Importance at Real Madrid

Jorge Mendes Loses Importance at Real Madrid


Jorge Mendes is the ‘superagent’ in Europe and once upon a time he almost owned Real Madrid. Or perhaps we should say he was the ‘superagent’ because now Mino Raiola -Paul Pogba or Gigi Donnarumma among others- moves more players in the market. On Tuesday, it was made official James Rodríguez’s departure to Bayern Munich, another Mendes player leaving the club.

After these first weeks of summer, Jorge Mendes only has one player at Real Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo. This is obviously his main asset and, together with José Mourinho, he started building his empire from here. But now this empire has fallen down, at least in Madrid, and we could see the agent coming to the Spanish capital to the court, and not to any luxurious hotel, to speak about the tax fraud some of his players have been accused.

Once upon a time, he was the king at Santiago Bernabéu. José Mourinho, Ángel di María, Fabio Coentrao, Ricardo Carvalho or Pepe were represented by Gestifute. He was even able to have some youngsters at Castilla like Alipio, Fabinho or Pedro Mendes. At that time, some sources say that Florentino Pérez was pushed very hard to sign Radamel Falcao, whose agent is also Mendes, but the president refused the deal because, otherwise, the club would be directed by Mendes. Falcao ended up playing for Manchester United in a very poor season.

James Rodríguez wanted to thank Jorge Mendes on Tuesday after his departure from Madrid. “The best”, the Colombian playmaker said to his agent with a picture of both in the social media. The deal looks quite good actually, because he’s leaving on loan and it’s uncertain how much money would bring this operation to Real Madrid.

The Colombian playmaker wanted also to thank Real Madrid supporters for these three years in the Spanish capital with a beautiful video in his social media profiles: “There were three wonderful years. I’m happy for wearing this t-shirt, the one a put with a lot of proud […]. Thanks for everything!”, James Rodríguez said. Mendes moved another asset out of Madrid.