Lucas Silva does not pass the medical examination with Sporting of Lisbon

Lucas Silva does not pass the medical examination with Sporting of Lisbon


Finally, Lucas Silva signing from Real Madrid to Sporting of Lisbon will not be effective because the Brazilian player has not passed the medical tests that was carried by the Portuguese team. The operation seemed closed this morning, but after more than four hours of medical tests, the Portuguese doctos discarded the signing due to a heart problem.

The midfielder, who had travelled to Lisbon to pass the relevant medical examination, did not pass the stress tests which was referred to it by the doctors of Sporting. After four hours of medical exams, the Portuguese club doctors did not consider suitable Lucas Silva.

This new setback is a problem added to the obstacles that it is finding Real Madrid to get rid of Lucas Silva, a football player by which paid 14 million euros to Cruzeiro in the winter market for the 2014-15 season and just came to play nine matches (424 minutes) with the white club.

After having just entered into Ancelotti’s, Real Madrid decided to give him on loan to Olympique Marseille last season. It was a request by Michel, who at that time was the coach of the French club. However, his poor performance came to cause that Marseille decided not to extend his contract and Lucas Silva finally had to come back to Real Madrid.

If Lucas Silva finally could come to an agreement with Sporting of Portugal, Madrid would manage to get rid of a player who does not fit into the plans of Zinedine Zidane. Now the club is facing a real problem because Sporting has discovered a deficiency medical that Real Madrid had not detected when the club bought the player from Cruzeiro.