Luka Jovic’ Patience to Succeed at Real Madrid

Luka Jovic’ Patience to Succeed at Real Madrid


The first few months at Real Madrid have not been an easy job for Luka Jovic. The Serbian player has only started three games in La Liga, scoring one goal against Leganés. However, the striker doesn’t give up and is optimistic about his future in the club. He expects to have more minutes, but he’s working hard to take advantage of the opportunity, whenever it arrives.

Jovic has spoken with the magazine Gloria and had very keen words towards Zidane: “He told me he trusted me, that he is glad having me in the team, and that I did a great job to come to Real Madrid. I’m happy and I hope to have more minutes in the future”, Jovic said.

The reality is that Jovic has only played in 9 games in La Liga, with 291 minutes. Actually, his last minutes were against Betis at the beginning of November, so he has not been in the pitch in the recent games, where Real Madrid are achieving better results. His performances in the Champions League are even worse, with only 29 minutes. Last season, actually, he shone even more in Europe, where he scored 10 goals, leading Eintracht Frankfurt to the semi-finals of the Europa League.

Jovic admitted that the pressure at Real Madrid is very high, especially for his age -he is 22-: “For any youngster is not even easy to arrive here and even more start playing. However, I’m confident about myself, in my quality and I hope to have more minutes in the future”.

The Serbian striker has the recipe to have success at Real Madrid: “Working hard, but also luck. The most important thing is being hard worker, honest with myself and thankful to all my colleagues in the pitch and the managers that I’ve worked with”, Jovic said.

His situation is even harder having a look at his competitors. No one can dare to steal Karim Benzema his position in the starting eleven. The Frenchman is the best player right now in the squad, so Jovic can also replace him when Karim needs some rest. Besides, Rodrygo is a rising star, so he’s also above Jovic in Zidane’s list.