Luka Modric caught cheating on his wife?

Luka Modric caught cheating on his wife?

Luka Modric cheating on wife

Real Madrid player Luka Modric has recently appeared on the covers of Croatian newspapers as he was caught in the arms of a beautiful lady who is not his wife.

During Los Blancos tour in the United States, Modric was photographed in a number of different positions with Diana Gudic, a young blonde Croatian who has been reported to be a friend of Paris Hilton.

Modric has been criticised by Croatian press as he is married to Vanja Modric and they have three children.

Although the photographs don’t reveal an evident infidelity, Croatian press are wondering why Modric was caught short in such a manner and what does his wife think about it.

I’m pretty sure she won’t be very pleased, and probably neither Real Madrid directors, as the player appears in one of the pictures smoking a cigar as seen above.