Madrid Press: 90-year-old fan discusses Champions League win

Madrid Press: 90-year-old fan discusses Champions League win


All eyes are on Brazil today as the World Cup gets underway with the hosts taking on Croatia. We are set for a football feast for the next three weeks, and here at you can keep up with how the Real Madrid players involved in the tournament are doing.

But today we start with an incredible interview in AS with 90-year-old Los Blancos fan Sergio Nieto Diaz who discusses his memories of supporting the club over many years. His father first got him a season tickets back in 1932, and he’s been watching Real Madrid ever since, witnessing all 10 European Cup wins.

He talks about his first memories watching players such as Luis Regueiro and Divino Zamora before the Spanish Civil War broke out and interrupted the football calendar. In that period he recalls the hunger than people suffered, and the days when the Real Madrid pitch was used as a vegetable garden.

When asked about his more recent memories, he said Ramos’ against Atletico de Madrid was a goal he’d never forget. “The Decima should have been achieved a long time before but for whatever reason the team kept missing out. It’s true I’ve seen all 10, and I’ll never forget the goal Ramos scored,” he said.

Elsewhere, there are reports central defender Nacho is attracting the interest of a number of clubs including Porto, Napoli, Bayer Leverkussen and Schalke.