Madrid Press: Team building without Mou

Madrid Press: Team building without Mou


With the Copa del Rey final just two days away much of the focus in the Madrid sports press is on the build up to the game.

And As uses its front page to highlight the ongoing rift between Los Blancos’ players and boss Mourinho, with the headline ‘Therapy without Mou’ alongside a picture of many of the first team squad enjoying a meal at a restaurant without the manager.

Marca also has the picture, posted by Sergio Ramos on Twitter, on the front page, although it has opted to call for calm ahead of the match, with the headline ‘Remember – It’s just a football match’.

According to As, Real are the overwhelming favourites for the Copa based on betting figures.  A one euro bet on Los Blancos will give a return of €1.49 should they win, while an Atletico victory would return €6.12.

Madrid ‘will not pay Ancelotti buy out clause’

As well as the pre-match build up, Marca also has a story on the search for a new boss for when Jose Mourinho calls it a day or is fired.

It claims that having paid compensation for Manuel Pellegrini and Mourinho, club president Florentino Perez does not want to be in that situation, and have given the PSG boss a 10-day deadline to organise his departure from the French champions.