Manchester United and Barcelona beat Real Madrid as the Richest Clubs in...

Manchester United and Barcelona beat Real Madrid as the Richest Clubs in the World


The company Deloitte have published the ranking of the richest clubs in the world. The list takes in consideration the amount of money earned in the season 2015/16. According to the firm, Los Blancos dropped until the third position, beaten by Manchester United and FC Barcelona.

The richest club in the world, or the one making more money in the last season, is Manchester United. The Red Devils earned €689M in the last season despite failing to qualify to the Champions League and the expensive acquisitions of Pogba or Mkhitaryan. Obviously, the economic side and the sports side are completely different.

The second in the list is FC Barcelona. The Blaugranas earned €620,2M last season after winning the Copa del Rey and La Liga. The Catalan club beat their rival Real Madrid, who earned €620,1M last season. Despite winning the Champions League, Los Blancos couldn’t step forward in the list. Another piece of bad news for Florentino Pérez after the defeat in Copa del Rey.

In the list we can see many Premier League clubs. This is why the British competition is the most competitive in the world and the list shows why they have the economic power to sign every year the best players in the world. Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City or Liverpool are among the richest clubs of the continent.

Sport success is usually very linked with economic success. Therefore, in the list we can also find European giants such as PSG, Bayern Munich or Juventus.

You can see the full list here:

1. Manchester United: 689 M€
2. FC Barcelona: 620,2 M€
3. Real Madrid: 620,1 M€
4. Bayern Múnich: 591M€
5. Manchester City: 524,9 M€
6. Paris Saint-Germain: 520,9 M€
7. Arsenal: 468,5 M€
8. Chelsea: 447,4 M€
9. Liverpool: 403,8 M€
10. Juventus: 341,1 M€