Match Report Real Madrid 2 – Betis 1: Sergio Ramos put Los...

Match Report Real Madrid 2 – Betis 1: Sergio Ramos put Los Blancos on the top


Real Madrid suffered a lot to beat Betis (2-1), who scored the first goal after a big mistake made by Keylor Navas. Los Blancos played quite bad, but they were able to comeback again thanks to Sergio Ramos. The defender headed a corner kick from Toni Kroos. It was the same play from set pieces but it worked. Los Blancos are now on the top of the table.

Zinedine Zidane introduced a lot of changes in the line-up. He put a lot of quality players in the midfield with James Rodríguez, Isco, Kroos and Luka Modric to assist Morata and Cristiano Ronaldo, both playing in the attacking line. The plan seemed to work in the first 15 minutes because Los Blancos had the ball and arrived to Adán’s goal although they couldn’t create any important chance.

Betis were doing a bit better and the first time they approached Real Madrid goal they could score because Keylor Navas went out of the box, didn’t touch the ball and tackled Brazanac. The referee didn’t whistle. Just few minutes later, Keylor Navas made another huge mistake by introducing the ball inside the goal after a weak shot from Tony Sanabria. Real Madrid didn’t improve and they had difficulties to create chances with the five-men defenders. But they could level the game before the half time thanks to a header by Cristiano Ronaldo after an assist from Marcelo.

Betis started much better the second half. They were pressuring very high and creating some problems to Real Madrid. Los Blancos didn’t find the way to beat the great defence and they were unable to create any danger. Zidane had to make some changes and he introduced Lucas Vázquez and Karim Benzema. In the 78th minute, Piccini saw the red card and Asensio came in. There were 12 minutes to score one more goal.

And the goal arrived in the 82nd minute. Toni Kroos assisted from the corner kick and Sergio Ramos headed to the net. Anything new? It’s always the same goal and the defender again saved their team. Zinedine Zidane has to change a lot of things because the team is not playing well, but they have a jewel with Sergio Ramos. But the game wasn’t finished. Tony Sanabria head the ball in the 92nd minute and Betis always drew, but Keylor Navas appeared, this time successfully, to save the team in the very last minute.