Match Report Real Madrid 3-2 Deportivo: Sergio Ramos gives again the victory

Match Report Real Madrid 3-2 Deportivo: Sergio Ramos gives again the victory


Real Madrid won the fifteenth match of the regular season against Deportivo Coruña at Santiago Bernabéu. Los Blancos made again an incredible comeback against a team that did a great match. With this victory, Zidane could achieved a new personal record, beating the one Beenhakker had of consecutive matches unbeaten with Real Madrid (35).

The French manager decided to introduce new players in the line up, thinking in the Club World Cup that they will play next week at Japan. Marcelo, Carvajal, Modric, Lucas, Kovacic, Cristiano and Benzema did not enter in the starting 11 and Danilo, Nacho, James, Asensio and Morata had a great chance to convince Zidane to have more minutes in the future.

James started the match playing in the left wing and Asensio played in the right one. Los Blancos started the game trying to control the ball but they did not had many chances to open the scoreboard. In the minute 30 James had the best opportunity in all the first half, but Tyton did a great safe that could prevent Real Madrid’s first goal. The only chance Deportiva had in the first half was from an incredible header of Borges that finished in the bar.

Isco was being the best player of the pitch. The Andalusian midfielder played as a playmaker being the one that connected the midfielders with the attackers. Isco has improved a lot in the last weeks and these are very good news for Real Madrid. In the 50th minute Morata could score the first goal of the match from a great header with a great assistance of Isco.

After the first goal, Los Blancos had many opportunities to score the second goal but when you miss many chances, this can happen. Deportivo tied the match in the minute 63 because Casemiro lost the ball in the defense and Joselu scored from an amazing shot from outside the box. Only 3 minutes later, Deportivo scored the second one with the same protagonist. Los Blancos had to make another comeback but they only had 20 minutes. Zidane substituted Isco by Mariano to try to tie the match in the last minutes, and the youngster tied it in the minute 83 from a fortuitous goal with his shoulder. There was not many minutes left but Sergio Ramos appeared once again, scoring in the injury time and giving another victory for Real Madrid.

Los Blancos had a very difficult match at Santiago Bernabéu but finally they could achieve the three points. Now it’s time to think in the Club World Cup the the team manage by Zinedine Zidane must play next week.