Match Report Tottenham 3 – Real Madrid 1: Nightmare at Wembley

Match Report Tottenham 3 – Real Madrid 1: Nightmare at Wembley


Real Madrid were defeated again in the Champions League (3-1) against Tottenham Hotspur in the first visit in their history to Wembley. The Spurs will top this group, while Los Blancos have to improve a lot if they want to reach the Last 16 round. The feelings are very negative and the team is not working. Zidane must find solutions as soon as possible to solve this crisis.

Real Madrid started with the possession of the ball, trying to control the game and look for the rival’s goal. However, in the midfield they weren’t accurate and Modric, Kroos and Casemiro lost some dangerous balls. Kane tried in the 10th minute but he found Casilla. It was a very interesting game in these first 20 minutes, but there was no signal from Benzema or Cristiano Ronaldo.

Los Blancos weren’t playing well and they were unable to create any danger. The problems arrived with the goal in the minute 27th scored by Dele Alli after a perfect cross from Trippier, who was in offside. Real Madrid tried to react and Casemiro had the first chance in the 29th but Lloris saved it. Ronaldo finally showed up twice, and incredibly he missed a clear chance after a good assist from Achraf. The best moments of Los Blancos arrived after conceding the goal.

Real Madrid arrived now with a lot of danger, but also the Spurs tried to score the second and Harry Kane had his best chance, but Ramos saved it. Just one minute after, Benzema also found Lloris after a shot from outside the box. It was a thrilling game, but Real Madrid were deserving the draw, with Cristiano also having another chance after an assist from Benzema.

Zidane changed the formation in the half time with three defenders and Marcelo and Achraf as wingers. Marcelo put a very dangerous cross from the left but he didn’t find anybody. After this, Dele Alli took the ball, dribbled Casemiro and his shot touched in Sergio Ramos and went into the goal. Very unlucky goal and 2-0 in the 57th minute. Zidane’s side tried to react and it was amazing how the ball didn’t enter in the goal after a free kick in the 62nd. It wasn’t Real Madrid’s evening.

It could get even worse. In the 65th minute, Kane lead a perfect counter-attack and Eriksen nail down the three points. Terrible evening for Los Blancos. The changes arrived very late. In the 73rd minute, Asensio and Mayoral came in, with Wembley singing “Olé, Olé”. Asensio improved the performance of the team and Cristiano could finally score in the 80th minute. There were 10 minutes for a miracle and they kept trying but it was too late. The mistakes are punished against big teams and Real Madrid need to improve a lot. There is a big crisis after so many successes.


  1. All i see it was an undeserved mistakes made by the management and the coach, how can u sell important players that brings challenge to the team and replaced them with inexperience once, beside right now we lack qualitative subs unlike last season, the keeper is not good at all, we observed this in his previous performance, it was very poor Madrid have such a keeper, in fact a lot need to be done in a Matter of urgency to restrategise this or else this is just the beginning of this abysmal display.