Morata Explains his Departure: I Needed to Play

Morata Explains his Departure: I Needed to Play


Álvaro Morata said recently in an interview with an Italian newspaper that it was a mistake going back to Madrid after his stage in Torino. The striker says now that he doesn’t regret anything but he’s living a dream with Chelsea and right now is very happy in London.

The striker wanted to explain again why he decided to leave Real Madrid, his beloved club: “At the end, the only decisive factor is that I needed something that Real Madrid couldn’t deliver and I couldn’t have there: playing every Sunday, no matter if I was well or bad. Now I’ve been three games far from my best and I kept playing. It’s what I needed. Real Madrid is Real Madrid and every player wants to be there. Why would I want to leave? I needed to play. Nothing else. People said that I didn’t want to fight. I fight my whole life for playing at Real Madrid, for trying to be in the line-up. All my life, but I needed to play and at Chelsea I found what I needed”, Morata explained in an interview with the Spanish newspaper MARCA.

He left the club although Zinedine Zidane wanted him to stay. The striker keeps a good memory of Zizou: “At the end I will be thankful to Zidane all my life because he gave me the opportunity of winning another Champions and play at Real Madrid. He told me: ‘Álvaro, I understand that if you want to play and have continuity, I understand that you leave’”, Morata remembers.

However, he explained that the competition with Los Blancos was very high: “He told me that if I wanted to stay, I could stay, but there were also many options in the attacking line. I decided that the best for me was to leave because I had a World Cup ahead and I wanted to be there. I want to be important for Spain and for that I needed to have the continuity”.

Álvaro Morata said now that he doesn’t regret any decision he’s taken: “I will never regret going to a club like Chelsea. Hopefully I can stay there all the time. You shouldn’t regret anything in your life. Every steps I’ve done in my career were useful for something. I learnt”, the player said.

Besides, he wants to make history in Spain: “I won in Italy, I won at Real Madrid and I felt important. Now the challenge I have ahead is being champion in Spain, Italy and England. No one or few Spaniards have reached that. This is my goal. Winning the Premier League and be in the history as the Spaniard who has won in the three countries”.

Now Morata is looking forward to playing the first World Cup in his life: “We are very motivated. The national team is playing very well and we have a lot of players with great excitement. Some of us we haven’t played a World Cup, others did… there is a good mix”, Morata finished.