Morata: I left Real Madrid because I want to triumph in football

Morata: I left Real Madrid because I want to triumph in football


Álvaro Morata spoke for first time since his arrival to Chelsea and the Real Madrid former player gave the reasons why he left the team and how is being his new experience at London.

The interview started talking about his new experience at London:” It has been a very long and strange summer. The day I signed with Chelsea I travelled around all the world, from Los Angeles to Singapore and then to London. Now I have to adapt to a new team, with a very tactical manager like Antonio Conte. I can affirm that I’m already adapted and that I want to start to play”, Morata said about his signing with Chesea.

This will be the second time that Morata and Conte coincide and the Spanish striker confessed that his first choice was Chelsea:”I knew that Conte wanted mine signing. He trusted me in my stage at Juventus but he had to leave the team. When I noticed that he wanted to sign me I didn’t doubt and it was my preference”, Morata confessed about his departure.

Morata has been the most expensive Spaniard transfer in the history and the journalists asked if he was going to have pressure because the amount of money Chelsea paid for him:” I admit that is a very important amount of money, but I have enough personality to play calm. I have only played to games in the preseason and 15 minutes in the Community Shield, and after missing the penalty, they already want to kill me. It’ something that motivates means makes me work harder every day”, Morata said about his first experience in the Premier League.

The Real Madrid former player confessed when he left Los Angeles that it was going to be very difficult his return to Real Madrid and this is what he thinks about his words:”Being realistic, it’s very difficult to return to Real Madrid. If I return it would be for a higher amount of money and it’s difficult that a team can pay more that €80M for my transfer. I don’t think Chelsea will give me away, although nothing is impossible in life”, Morata affirmed

Morata also explained the reasons why he decided to leave Real Madrid if he is a person who supports that team:”I think I had to leave Madrid. It was a very tough decision. I knew I was leaving a team that is my home and that is winning everything right now, but it was a personal decision. I had really good teammates at Madrid and they helped me in every moment. I left Real Madrid because I want to triumph in football, I want to do great things and I’m sure that I’m in the best place to do it”, he said.